Blood Pressure Monitoring Form

If you have high blood pressure we will offer you an annual appointment to review this which will in the month of your birthday. We like to check four things:

  • Your average blood pressure reading
  • A blood test to check your kidneys are ok (if you are on blood pressure medication)
  • Your height and weight and a lifestyle questionnaire
  • Medication check

To save you and us time you can submit your average blood pressure (if you have your own machine at home) , height and weight and fill out the lifestyle questionnaire as below.

You then only need to book a blood test appointment with the Healthcare assistant.

If all your results are within range, we will contact you again in one year’s time. If there are any problems with your results, we will contact you.

General Practice Physical Activity Questionnaire

During the last week, how many hours did you spend on each of the following activities? Please answer whether you are in employment or not.

Medical Questionnaire